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Marc started his first company in 1995, providing translation and English teaching services to large advertising agencies and consulting companies.  After selling it to the Institut Français de Gestion in 1997, Marc was involved in the development of several Internet companies in the Silicon Valley, such as 12 Degrees, an online travel website.  Marc also contributed to the first rounds of financing of several technology companies.  Marc has been active in venture capital since 2000.  He
co-founded the incubator Kangaroo Village in 2000, which was later purchased by Société Générale in 2002 at which point Marc took over the venture capital activity of Société Générale.  Marc has followed investments and was board member for several successful digital companies such as Ekinops, Aquarelle, SI Automation, Sarenza, La Fourchette, RSI Video Technology, Selectron Systems…  Additionally, Marc is an Affiliated Professor at ESCP Europe in a Master program dedicated to Entrepreneurship and sits on the board of the American Section of the Lycée International.

He is a graduate of Tufts University where he double majored in Political Science and International Relations. He also graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP Europe) where he majored in Entrepreneurship.

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